Songs Of Praise

The day is nearing, even at work your face, your memories fill my mind. O the depths of my anguish , the throbbing aching longing pain! it has been a year now since I felt the power of grief, fear and anxieties . How one can quickly be consumed with depression, anger and resentment. Living a life without faith hope and love is detrimental to a soul especially to a grieving soul.

My Katrina I fight to remember the impact of your life in me. Those numerous hospitalizations. Giving you chemotherapy at home, changing your central line dressing etc. What was so amazing is how you viewed life. You wake up, watch Barney or Curious George and trust Daddy and Mommy to provide for your needs. I want to be able to say that to our Heavenly Father right now especially in these times of grief, pain and sorrow. I want to be able to sing with all of my might and worship him. I want to be able to pray  without fear and judgement . I thank God  for allowing me to write this song in my heart right after visiting you in your gravesite. You know how much I wept that day. Then this tune kept humming in my head…Songs of Praise. I was reminded of Nehemiah 8:10 “And do not be grieved for the joy of the Lord is your strength”. It’s time to rebuild the walls, help me rebuild the walls my precious child. I love you my child.






Daddy’s Arms

Oh the pain of losing a child.  August 30th ..that dreadful day when I held your lifeless body. It continues to hunt me in my mind, in my dreams and when I finally awaken from my slumber. Oh my dear Katrina, how I long to hold you in my hand. This song I wrote to you takes me back when we were dancing in our living room. It breaks my heart everytime I see your brother cry and say “‘Ate is in heaven” ” my sister is in heaven”. But I sense in his heart that he is looking for you. I noticed lately that your mom is restless and I could see tears flowing in her eyes late at night. May this song reach your ears in heaven for you are deeply missed and loved.